I am in my element when I am for instance…
… passing nights in a pigsty to capture the breathing of pigs with two lavalier microphones in the nostrils of a sleeping pig.
… building a bird hide on top of an old building to film breading seagulls in slow motion.
… feeling the rhythm of a dancing priest to capture a 18 hour long voodoo ritual in Haiti.
… welding a 3D camera rig to fit two slow motion camera’s to optimally capture bird flight.
… filming for Joost Conijn in his self build aeroplane that subsequently crashes.
… following a journalist that interviews old ladies that collect wood in summering Ethiopian heat, to promote community radio in that region.
… working with an artist to figure out how her work can be represented best in audiovisually.
… making a short film on police profiling with two test groups and hidden cameras.

John Treffer

Derde Kostverlorenkade 34
1054 TS Amsterdam
tel: 06 2475 9611
e-mail: john@treffer.tv